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A person suffering from a substance abuse problem or addiction can turn their life around with the help of drug rehab.  Many individuals are hesitant to enter drug rehab and may think they can quit a drug on their own, but attempts to quit “cold turkey” are difficult and risky.

Drug treatment provides multiple benefits for patients:  Not only does drug rehab allow patients to withdraw from a substance in a safe and comfortable manner, but the therapy included in drug rehab programs addresses the psychological aspects of addiction and helps patients learn how to avoid a relapse in the future.

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The Nature of Addiction

Many people incorrectly assume that a substance addiction is nothing more than a bad habit; however, addiction is actually a chronic and relapsing disease.  An individual with an addiction suffers from severe cravings for the substance.  They begin to lose control over its use, and they continue to use the substance despite the damaging consequences of their behavior.

Addiction has both physical and psychological components:  Even after the chemical dependency on a substance has been broken, the psychological cravings are likely to persist.

Drug treatment centers address both aspects of addiction, and they are equipped to handle addictions to a wide variety of substances.  Most individuals who enter drug treatment centers have addictions to drugs such as heroin, prescription painkillers, benzodiazepines and amphetamines.

While these may be some of the most common drugs of abuse, it’s possible to become addicted to many other substances and even behaviors.  Compulsive gambling and eating disorders are two types of behavioral addictions that often occur alongside a substance addiction.  Exercise, sex and even work are activities that can develop into a psychological addiction.

The Power of Intervention

It’s not always easy to convince an addicted friend or family member to seek treatment.  An intervention can help open the lines of communication and show the addicted person that their loved ones are no longer willing to enable their behavior.

An intervention can be formal or informal.  In a formal intervention, a professional helps structure the conversation and offers guidance.  Family members, friends or employers may gather to meet with an individual in an informal intervention, but no professionals are involved.

A motivational style of intervention has been proven to be more effective and less stressful than the confrontational methods of the past.  Motivational interviewing is a communication technique that is commonly used during interventions.  The open-ended questions and active listening that characterize this technique can help the addicted individual overcome their ambivalence and inspire the desire to get help.

No matter which modality of intervention is used, participants should be prepared for denial and resistance from the addicted individual.  It’s important for friends and family members to stay calm and supportive during the meeting:  An intervention is a forum for expressing concern, not anger.

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