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Alcoholism is a chronic, relapsing condition characterized by a chemical and mental dependence on alcohol. When an individual suffers from an alcohol addiction, treatment is necessary to overcome the physical and psychological aspects of the disease. Many people with substance abuse problems are in denial and believe they can stop drinking without the help of alcoholism treatment.

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Signs of Alcoholism

A few tell-tale symptoms can indicate that an individual has an alcohol addiction and should seek alcoholism treatment. Being unable to control the amount you’re drinking is one sign of alcohol dependence, and increased tolerance is another classic symptom.

A person with alcoholism needs to drink larger and larger amounts in order to achieve the desired effects. Individuals with an alcohol addiction also experience withdrawal symptoms when they go without alcohol, and they start to need alcohol just to feel normal.

Alcoholism is a chronic disease, not a bad habit or lack of self-control. A person who abuses alcohol may be able to reduce their drinking on their own, but a person with alcoholism will need medically supervised detoxification and intensive therapy in order to overcome the addiction.

Acknowledging the Problem

Research indicates that alcoholism is a pervasive problem in the United States; a survey conducted by the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information reports that over 50 percent of Americans have at least one family member with an alcohol dependency. A person with alcoholism needs to acknowledge their addiction before treatment can begin.

In some cases, an intervention may be needed to open the lines of communication and help an addicted person agree to seek alcoholism treatment. The majority of these face-to-face meetings are successful: Even if the addicted person is resistant at the intervention, they may decide to get help at a later point.

Getting Help

Detoxification is the first step in recovery from an alcohol addiction. A person with a long history of alcohol abuse should never attempt to quit drinking without professional help: The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are severe and can cause serious health consequences.

During a medically supervised detox, patients are carefully monitored and medication is administered to lessen the symptoms of withdrawal. Some patients may require nutrient supplements and hydration to restore their body’s levels.

The next stage of alcoholism treatment is rehabilitation. This phase of treatment can be difficult for patients because the cravings for alcohol can be intense. During rehab, trained addiction specialists work with patients to help them understand the nature of their addiction. They also teach patients valuable coping techniques to handle triggers and stresses that may lead to relapse. The skills and lessons learned during rehab will be helpful throughout an individual’s long-term recovery.

A person who has achieved 90 days of continued abstinence is considered to be in the maintenance phase of recovery. If an individual spent the first weeks or months of their recovery in a residential program, they may transition to an outpatient treatment plan at this point. The risk of sliding back into addiction is high, so relapse prevention is emphasized during this period.

Studies have shown that up to 75 percent of recovering alcoholics will relapse within their first two years of sobriety, but the rate of relapse drops dramatically after the critical two-year mark.

Support groups and 12-step programs can provide the motivation and encouragement needed to stay on the path toward long-term recovery. Many individuals also choose to continue individual or group therapy after they leave the treatment center.

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